Friday 23 October 2015

New Yarn

Last weekend I visited a local yarn festival with my friend Jill. It was my intent to simply browse the stalls and make no purchases; I told myself that I had enough yarn at home and already too many projects on-the-go. Well, you can imagine how well that plan worked out...
Yes, I bought six balls of this gorgeous yarn; it spoke to me and who was I to ignore its call. An example of stash enhancement if there ever was one.

I am thinking of making either a cowl or a scarf. The search for the perfect pattern begins.... 


  1. Hi Rachel,
    That is such pretty yarn and I'm sure you will create something fabulous with it! Enjoy the weekend.
    Julie xo

  2. Well done enhancing your stash, Rachel :) I seem to have quite a bit of stash enhancement here...and much fun stitching to do! xx

    1. Thanks Gracie. I love having new yarn and dreaming of all the things I can make. Good luck with all your projects.