Wednesday 18 November 2015

A Great Deal!

Last week I was at Michael's when I came across a bin full of "Mystery Grab Bags" (definition: bags full of random stuff that they are trying to sell off cheaply). Normally this would be something I would walk right by and ignore - why bring more stuff into the house when I am on a mission to declutter - but the bags were slightly transparent and I could see that there were some incredible goodies inside. Okay, I may have sat cross-legged on the floor of the store rummaging through the grab bags to find the best ones....
Totally worth it because I scored all this for $4.00.

I know, unbelievable!!!!!

I love a great deal, always have, always will....and a great deal at the craft store, well I am not even sure how to articulate how amazing that is.

I was quite excited as I left the store with my grab bags in hand; I had sore fingers from carrying them around, and a million creative ideas bouncing around my head.

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