Friday 27 November 2015

This Week

There have been sunny days and there have been grey days. It goes without saying that I like the sunny days better. It is the dark days, along with the fact that it is pitch black outside by five o'clock, that I dislike most about winter. If it is cold and sunny I can handle that, but dull and dreary, no thanks.
I have been making pom-poms for a garland which I may put on the Christmas tree or may simply string across the top of the mirror in the front hall; at this point I am undecided.
The girls are learning how to play chess at school (a life skill??). Some very intense games have been happening at the kitchen table...
My Christmas cactus is going to bloom. This is nothing short of a miracle as I have been having a pretty terrible time with my houseplants lately....
And I have my Christmas cards all ready to mail. I'll wait until December 1st of course, but it feels great to have this task checked off the list.

Hope you have had a wonderful week.


  1. Wow! You inspire me with your Christmas Card readiness, Rachel! Your pom poms are a cheery color...wherever you decide to use them...and I'm with you about our early darkness. I'm still exclaiming every night, "What? It is dark already at 5PM? Your daughters are no doubt learning all sorts of clever ways of moving through their lives...with forethought :) We had a happy Thanksgiving celebration yesterday with new baby Sarah in our household!

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, and what a happy Thanksgiving it must have been with a new baby in the house. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading...