Friday 25 March 2016

Now is Now

For the last two days the weather has been miserable: ice on the trees, torrential downpours, high winds....just terrible and definitely not at all like spring.
So I have stayed inside and worked on this, my granny square project:
I've smiled every time I walked past the pile of crochet blankets in the living room. Notice my Cozy Stripe Blanket on top of this pile...oh, I just love crochet blankets, they are so cozy.
And I've spent some time in the kitchen preparing food for our family Easter gathering tomorrow.

It felt great to just enjoy my time at home. To savor my time in the kitchen, to linger on the couch crocheting just a little longer, to drink my tea while it is hot, and to just have the time and space to slow down and relax. I could use more days like the last two, though maybe with a little less ice and wind and a lot more sunshine.  

Have a wonderful Easter, friends.

(My focus for this year is: Now is Now. Read more about it here)


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    1. You bet....I consider bad weather outside the perfect excuse for a day of crochet inside.