Thursday 10 March 2016

Paper Toys

My girls have toys, not tons of toys, but they have toys: Lego, dolls, puzzles, dishes, play food, dress up clothes...

But given the opportunity, left to their own devices as to how to fill an afternoon, they will always turn to crafting, specifically making paper toys.

With meticulous detail they draw girls and cut them out. They then draw various outfits for their girls: skirts, dresses, purses, shoes, coats...all incredibly detailed, carefully colored, and cut out.
Claire's Creations
 Bridget's Creations

They play with these creations for hours, making more accessories as needed: if their girls are on an adventure and need a dragon to escape an evil fairy, a dragon is drawn, colored, cut out, and added to the paper toy world. 

So many paper toys exist in our house, that I would not be surprised if they outnumber the actual toys.

It is world of imagination and creation inhabited by my two happy little girls.
It was always my hope that my girls would be creative and have active imaginations; I think we are good.  

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