Tuesday 3 May 2016

A Colorful Pillow

Way back in February I began crocheting some colorful granny squares. At the time I was in need of a simple and portable project to work on here and there, something that could be easily picked up and then put down, and little granny squares fit the bill perfectly, as they always do.

Granny squares have to be the best crochet pattern of all time, don't you think? They are what I learned to do when I first took up crocheting, and I have come back to them so many times over the years. They are calming to create, super simple, and great for trying out different color combinations. Long live the granny square!!!

When I began crocheting my granny squares this time around (and stacking them in neat little piles - so fun) I was planning on joining them into a small blanket, something of a lap blanket you could say. It was not long before I realized that I did not have near enough yarn on hand to make a blanket of any useful size, and being deep in stash-busting mode like I am, I did not want to buy any more yarn for this project. So I switched gears and made a pillow. Not that I need another pillow, but whatever...

Colorful granny squares on the front:
Colorful stripes on the back:
All in all, a colorful pillow:
Oh I just love having crochet in my house. It is just so cozy and homespun and I can truly not imagine my home without it.

P.S. My cotton stash is significantly smaller after completing this project.


  1. Beautiful! I admire your work, Rachel. I have yet to crochet granny squares, being put off by the color changes and number of holes in the pattern, but yours are so lovely they tempt me to try again :) xx

    1. Thank you Gracie. I completely understand that there are some drawbacks to granny squares - the main one being all the ends to darn in - but I think that they are so pretty, so it is worth it. I do hope you give them a try, but be warned they are a little addictive and you will have quite the pile in front of you in no time.