Friday 27 May 2016

Now is Now

It has been an ordinary week full of simple pleasures:
  • The newly planted veggie garden - everything is doing well
  • Drinking iced tea
  • Sunshine everyday
  • Clean windows
  • Finally having all the Girl Guide badges sewn onto the girls' sashes
  • Fresh sheets on the beds
  • BBQ dinners on the deck
  • Setting goals - some silly, some serious
  • Family dinners every night when we get to hear all about the girls' days at school (oh the schoolyard drama)
  • More decluttering (though it is getting harder to find things to purge)
  • Starting a new book
  • Watching the girls' swimming lessons
  • Taking photographs
  • Drying laundry on the line
  • An inspiring read
These lists are such a breath of air for me. When everything seems too much, too hard, a little overwhelming, just the simple act of writing down the everyday things that bring a smile to my face calms me, centers me, and fuels me to go on. We only have today...let's appreciate it for what it is and let it fill us with happiness.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.  

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