Wednesday 18 May 2016

In the Garden

  • My Gerber Daisy - I have one every year, it is a tradition
  • New succulents to replace the ones that did not survive the winter
  • The hole the bunnies use to get under the deck; at least they are considerate enough to leave the plant in peace
  • My gnome, standing guard
  • Dill for summer salads
  • Delicate purple blooms
This afternoon I took a little walk through my garden. The sun was peeking in and out from behind the clouds as I wandered, snapping pictures and noticing the plants waking up to spring. I love my garden, it is my peaceful place... 


    1. It is especially fun to admire your sunny yellow Gerber Daisy today because our skies are gray and dripping! Thanks for posting :) xx

      1. I'm glad to have brought some sunshine to your dreary day Gracie...