Thursday 20 October 2016

Making Mandalas

I have seen quite a few mandalas popping up around Blogland lately and was inspired, obviously, to put my color block blanket aside for a short while and make a mandala of my own. It has been a while since I have made any mandalas (more accurately put, since I became obsessed with making them and ended up with quite the stack) so I was happy to go back to making these beautiful, colorful circles.

I found a beautiful pattern here and set to work using cotton yarn from my stash.
I did not plan out the colors before I began but simply figured it out as I went along; I do really like this three color combination.
When I was finished this colorful mandala, I got out my leftover yarn from my cozy stripe blanket and made a mandala with it; it may just be impossible to stop at one when making mandalas, they are completely addictive.

This is the first mandala that I have made with acrylic yarn (all my others have been made with cotton) which was a nice change.
Again, the colors were completely chosen at random, though I used a few more colors in this one.
My absolute favorite thing about making mandalas is that it provides a great opportunity to experiment with different color combinations on a small scale....that and they are just so darn pretty.

And I'm not done yet. This gorgeous mandala is next on my list.


  1. Those mandalas are really pretty. I've never done one, maybe I should try... Irune

    1. Oh I would definitely recommend making one, Irune. They are so much fun to make...