Tuesday 29 August 2017


"A portrait of my girls, once a week, every week, in 2017."

For most of the summer you girls have been in hyper-crafting mode, making everything and anything for your dolls, Jackie and Willow. Using foam, paint, glue, modeling clay, and whatever you scavenge from the recycling box, you have made beds, a kitchen, burgers, lattes, canned food, shoes, couches, pet hamsters, homes for the hamsters, artwork, mermaid costumes, rugs....really anything you can think of. The basement floor is littered with craft debris, a little paint got spilled on the carpet, and there have been a few glue-gun burns, but I have never seen you two more excited and absorbed in anything; crafting is your happy place and you have had a happy summer crafting.

Inspired by The 52 Week Project at Practicing Simplicity.

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