Wednesday 30 August 2017

Catching Dreams

A few weeks ago I was in Michaels, and after I ran past the Halloween decorations (already!?), I noticed a very pretty kit to make a dream catcher. My first thought was "I could crochet something like that" so I went home, and a few days later, I did.
I made a simple mandala for the top and some chains braided together to hang off the bottom.
To give the mandala a little more rigidity, I painted white glue on the back; the glue dries clear and keeps the crochet from flopping around too much. I didn't paint the braids with glue as I wanted then to hang and dangle freely.

Making something from what I already have on hand, without having to buy any additional supplies is one of my favorite things.

And is it just me, or are dream catchers everywhere lately?

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