Friday 4 August 2017

A Summer Blanket

I don't often make blankets in the summer, preferring to work on smaller projects like toys, but I have finally fallen in love with the blanket that I started back in March, so as long as it does not get too hot to work on, I'm charging ahead, in full on blanket making mode.
I bought the yarn for this blanket after Christmas for an incredible bargain, and was planning to make a Cedar River Blanket. Unfortunately my squares were not working out, and after several attempts to get the tension correct, using different hook sizes, I became incredibly frustrated and just let the whole thing lie in a basket for a while. I then decided to scrap the whole Cedar River Blanket idea and pick a much simpler design. I settled on a diamond stitch and got to work. After a few rows I was still not loving the outcome so my project sat untouched for another month or so....

But then last week, while I was on vacation, the weather was absolutely gorgeous one afternoon, so I made myself a cup of tea, sat on the deck, and worked on my blanket in the sunshine for two whole hours. It was lovely, and at the end of the afternoon, I finally loved what my blanket was becoming.
Since then it has been all-go, row after row being added, my blanket growing beautifully. We are going away for the long weekend and have a brutal drive to endure so I am going to bring along my blanket to work on in the car - think of how lovely it will be after all those hours when there is nothing else for me to do but crochet.
(I should darn in all those ends as I go. I know this, but I am ignoring it...I'll regret it, I know.)

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