Friday 8 September 2017

Taking Stock

Back to school, back to routine, back to a fuller (but not too full) calendar...but first, I'm pausing for a moment to take stock

Making: lists
Cooking: soup - soup season has begun
Drinking: green tea and black coffee
Reading: this article - amazing
Looking: at all the girls' crafty creations - their imaginations amaze me
Deciding: on an aggressive savings plan
Hoping: for nice weather on the weekend
Enjoying: working on my summer blanket
Liking: the empty space in my decluttered home
Loving: the cooler weather
Pondering: this space and its future
Listening: to The Minimalists
Considering: essential oils - are they for me?
Buying: so much food, all the time
Browsing: cookbooks and crochet patterns
Wishing: I could work less
Wondering: what the girls are doing at school right now
Marveling: at the colorful leaves on the trees
Waiting: for my tea to steep
Cringing: at the increased cost of everything
Hoping: that the sniffles and soreness I feel will go away
Needing: a haircut
Wanting: a new winter coat
Smelling: fresh air
Wearing: layers, my favorite
Noticing: all the fallen leaves in the gutters already
Knowing: I can keep up with the pace of life, but not sure if I want to
Prioritizing: walks outside in the gorgeous weather
Sorting: through my closet again
Thinking: about our time in San Fransisco - I loved it so much
Celebrating: everyday moments (I'm getting better at this)
Disliking: making school lunches every night
Feeling: happy
Hearing: geese flying past the house
Embracing: rest

(The photos above are from our walk in the park last weekend. The swan's name is Otis and every morning when I drive to work, I see him gliding across the lake. The girls were very happy to make his acquaintance after I have talked about him all summer long)

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