Wednesday 22 November 2017

A Rainbow Purse to Brighten Your Day

When the weather is grey and dull, and when it is pitch black outside by 5:00 pm, I turn to my yarn basket to revel in some color and to brighten my day.

Today I am excited to show you a little colorful project that I made completely on a whim with no real purpose in mind other than to fulfill my need to make something pretty and colorful: a rainbow drawstring purse
Mission accomplished - this bag is so pretty and obviously colorful.

I found the pattern for this bag among my old pattern stash and used my collection of cotton yarns to work it up. Luckily the blog from which I printed the pattern many years ago is still up and running and on revisiting it now I was happy to find a gorgeous space full of crochet inspiration. There are a few other patterns there that I would love to make and I have added them to my list. I love having a running list of "crochet projects to make" and being continually inspired to add to the list. Having an overabundance of crafty projects and ideas is never a bad thing.

When it came to choosing colors for my bag, I took a completely random approach. I quite like how it turned out, though if I were to make this bag again, I would like to try a more planned color palate, just to see how that would look. This is a small enough project, that experimenting with colors is quite possible.

I've been crocheting a lot lately, in every spare moment I have, and I am more in love with this craft than ever. I have an absolutely amazing project in the works, as well as a few Christmas bits..I can't wait to show you. Until then, happy crafting friends.....

Pattern: Rainbow Purse 
Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton - so many colors
Colorful: 100%
Pretty: 100%
Fun to Make: 100%


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