Wednesday 15 November 2017

Spot the Ladybug

Naming a ladybug "Spot" seems a little cliche, but it works so I am going with it.
The pattern for this guy is from Lion Brand. Years ago when I was enthusiastically getting back into crochet, and especially excited about making amigurumi,  I printed off the pattern and added it to my stash. I never made him and then a few weeks ago, while cleaning up my patterns, I decided it was now or never.

Making all the pieces was simple enough, but sewing everything together - including six legs and six spots - was not much fun. It took hours and reminded me of mending, my most hated chore ever. To make the experience a little more enjoyable/tolerable I listened to the long list of podcasts that I had gotten behind on, sipped coffee....and by the end of the afternoon I had learned a great deal (I love podcasts) and I had this sweet little ladybug.

(I'll be honest though, next time I come across an amigurumi pattern with lots of tiny pieces to sew together and am tempted to make it, I may think twice...)
I really have no use for Spot, or any of the other amigurumi that I have made, but I get so much joy and happiness from making them that I keep on going, making critter after critter. I have quite a few stashed away around my house and am beginning to wonder what on earth I should do with them all. The girls don't play with them - they mostly exclaim when a new animal is made and then move on to other things - and I am left with an enormous heap of crocheted toys. What to do? The struggle is real my friends, nothing critical by any means, but something I am thinking about......

Pattern: Amigurumi Lady Bug
Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton in Red, Lily Sugar and Cream in Black

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