Tuesday 24 March 2015

My SMASH Journal - An About Me Page

Since completing my list journal last month, I have kept on journaling - making more lists, getting my thoughts and feelings down on paper - and it has felt great. I feel like I know myself a little better. Like I notice the little things around me more. Like my head is clearer because all these thoughts are written down and not competing with each other for memory space. Journaling is definitely a good thing for me and I am really enjoying it.

For my journal, I am using my SMASH book.  I wanted to get my story and thoughts down on paper and make it look pretty at the same time, and so far this book has worked well for that.
Using some of the writing prompts found here, as well as others I saw and loved while reading about journaling and looking at other peoples’ gorgeous books, I built my first page: writing lists; adding pictures and die cuts; writing smaller lists on journaling cards; placing flowers and word stickers. I used my favorite colors, my favorite papers...this is a page all about me.
In the end I had a page full of journaling – my thoughts and feelings, my story – surrounded by pretty papers and details. The perfect merging of scrapbooking and journaling.
To say that I am happy with how my page turned out would be an understatement. I am thrilled. I absolutely love the random look of the page (a huge departure from my clean and simple style). Also, I am happy to have used some of the bits and bobs that have been in my scrapbooking supply pile for a long time. 

But most of all I am happy that I have my words down on paper. So happy. 

I have a few other pages that I would like to do in my book and as I finish them up I’ll share. My plan is to add to this book over the months and years to create a personal anthology.

It has been a goal of mine for some time now to record more about myself. I spend a great deal of time and effort recording the happenings in my family, yet more often than not, I am left out. I really think that journaling is great solution, an excellent way for me to inject a bit more of myself into my memory keeping, both for my own benefit and for the benefit of others around me. Imagine what my girls will think when they read this down the road? And I am truly amazed by how much calmer and at peace I feel after I have had a chance to journal....which is truly a benefit to everyone in my family.


  1. Aww you did a great job of your About Me page and I love it too!
    Julie xo