Wednesday 11 March 2015

My New Yarn Cupboard

Today I organized my yarn. Nothing major, I just took it out of the big plastic bin and sorted it into an empty cupboard.

It was quite nice to become reaquainted with my stash - it has been a while since I opened my yarn bin as I have been very focused on my cozy stripe blanket and not searching out new yarn for a new project.

I was also happy and relieved to see that my stash is really not that big. Believe me when I say that this was not always the case.

And knowing that I have plans for all the yarn I have on hand makes me feel quite smug. I have truly shown incredible restraint in the last while and have only bought what I have plans for (rather than, "that looks pretty, I'll take 3 balls.") I applaud myself, goodness knows this has not been easy at times. Even today, I was notified that Bernat Handicrafter Cotton was on sale for $1.00 a ball at a local store and I resisted the urge to hop in the car (with my daughter, who was home from school with an eye infection) to go and get some. Like I said, incredible restraint. Take that, yarn hoarding tendencies.

So, let me show you my new yarn cupboard:
And while I'm at it, I'll tell you what projects I have planned for the yarn you see here.

Top Row:

  • The red and white yarn is for my v-stitch blanket which I introduced here. My plan is to crochet until all this yarn is gone, so this is a long term project, which will result in a very large blanket.
  • The turquoise yarn is for a shawl that I want to make for myself. I am trying to decide between three different patterns. And I am trying to decide if I am a shawl person.

Middle Row:

  • The wicker basket is full of cotton. This is for making mandalas, toys, baskets etc. The same is true for the large balls of cotton in the middle of the shelf.
  • The black yarn is for the edging of my shawl (see above) and also for a scarf for Steve. I intended to make him a scarf as a gift for this Christmas, but that never happened. Good thing we have Christmas and winter every year.

Bottom Row:

  • The pink and purple basket is again full of cotton and, along with the cones, is on hand for making toys, baskets, mandalas
  • The orange and yellow basket holds leftover yarn from my Garden Patch Granny Afghan. I'm not 100% sure what I'll use this for, but these leftovers have come in handy when I wanted to make this pillow and this bunting so I am sure I will find something to make with it.  

It is so inspiring to open the cupboard doors and see all my yarn on display. And exciting to think about the projects just waiting to be done....

Today has been a good day, as any day spent with yarn is.


  1. Fabulous! LOVE how much you love to knit/crochet!! Hope your daughter is feeling better and looking forward to seeing your next project!!

    1. Thanks Leslie. Looking at all my yarn makes me excited to start a new project....but I am trying to be good and finish what is already in progress.

  2. Hi Rachel, wow your cupboard looks great and so neatly organized! I wish I had room for one but I use clear bins that are stored in the basement. It feels great when everything is neat in one place. Hope you have fun with your crochet projects.

    1. Hi Julie. I am very excited to have all my yarn visible; it makes dreaming of projects much easier.