Thursday 17 December 2015

This Week

  • My Christmas cactus burst into bloom. Absolutely gorgeous. And amazing - a houseplant of mine is actually blooming rather than shriveling up before my eyes.
  • The weather has been grey, dull, and rainy/misty until today when the skies cleared and the sun came out, instantly lifting my spirits.
  • I have been preparing meals from whatever is leftover in the pantry and the fridge. It feels good to use some things up, and save a little on the grocery bill...
  • I have become completely obsessed with working on my Cozy Stripe Blanket. Every night has gone like this: dinner, girls to bed, me in my pajamas settled on the couch crocheting....
  • I've begun wrapping the presents. It always amazes me how time consuming this task is, but I find if I do it a little at a time then I can relax and enjoy the process. A small glass of apple liquor sipped slowly while wrapping also helps with the relaxation aspect of things, just saying.
  • I am feeling more organized and ready for Christmas this year than ever before, likely because I worked on my Christmas Tasks a little at a time, and I have simply said 'no' to some things (and therein lies a very valuable lesson learned)....
  • My favorite pajamas - with giraffes on them - have ripped beyond repair.
  • Tomorrow is the last day of school before Christmas break and I am looking forward to not having to pack lunches for two weeks.
  • I've been considering choosing a word/theme for 2016....more to come on this, maybe.

I hope you have had a lovely week.


  1. Your Christmas cactus is just pretty. Love your list and you sound very organized. Have a wonderful Christmas.

    1. A wonderful Christmas to you as well Julie. Thank you for all your kind words...