Thursday 3 December 2015

Let Christmas Begin...

I am absolutely in love with our new Christmas tree.
We bought a new tree this year: pre-lit (thank goodness because stringing the lights on the old tree was the worst - think scratched arms and needles all over the floor), and much slimmer (which fits in our living room better).

We also splurged on new decorations; they are big and pretty and coordinated.
Most of the decorations are from a local shop. I also added a few stars and bells that I had from past years, as well as some adorable mushrooms from IKEA.
Oh, and did you notice the bow on the top of the topper ever.
The most beautiful Christmas tree ever is now standing in all its gorgeousness in my living room. I love how pretty it looks both with the lights on and off, and that it seems to fit and coordinate with the whole room much better than the old one ever did with its mismatched decorations.
Let Christmas begin.....


  1. Hi!!! Beautiful Christmas Tree...You did a great job decorating it! Love the bow as a tree topper! And it looks gorgeous all lit up! My favorite part of a Christmas tree is the lights. I tell my husband every year I just want to do lights, no ornaments (at least once)...but he doesn't listen, LOL! Maybe once the kids are gone... We get a real Christmas tree every year because my husband loves the smell of them, so since he wants the real thing, he doesn't complain about putting them on; and he usually has to use about 4 strands!

    1. I love the lights on a Christmas tree as well. Nothing is prettier than the tree all lit up.

  2. Your tree is very pretty, Rachel! I have worn out several artificial trees over my years. Seven years ago I bought my current tree which is slim and prelit, but the lights are worn out, so my daughter and son-in-law put about four strands of lights on it this year. I have been given so many decorations there are not enough branches to hang them all up, but I do enjoy seeing the ones that got hung and remembering who gave them to me or made them for me, or where I purchased them. For nearly 35 years I have topped our tree using a star I stitched on big needlepoint canvas with bulky off white yarn while my youngest son was getting well in the hospital. I never thought of using a bow as you have done so cleverly. Have you ever made angels from white paper plates that have a ruffled edge? I used them as decorations for many years on our tree, but finally discarded them due to wear and tear. I need to look on line and see if I can find the pattern again :) Happy Christmas!

    1. Gracie, it sounds like your Christmas tree and decorations hold all sorts of wonderful memories for you. Merry Christmas!!!