Wednesday 24 January 2018

A Big Chunky Blanket

I made a big, chunky, granny stitch blanket.
I hadn't really intended to make another blanket, as we certainly have enough in the house, but this blanket seemed destined to be made: the yarn was on sale for an incredible price, the colors coordinate with my living room perfectly, I had been thinking of working with chunky yarn which I've not done much of, and the free pattern on the label was the perfect project. See, meant to be; it would have been disgraceful for me to walk away from all these positive signs.

The yarn is Caron Tea Cakes. I love that this yarn is variegated and that the colors blend from one to another as you crochet so that when you're done you have a gorgeous, multicolored blanket without many ends to darn in; that's what I call a win-win.
I stumbled across the yarn at Michaels around the beginning of December when they were having a huge yarn sale. The yarn section of the store was full of ladies picking out yarn and chatting with each other about their projects. One lady told me all about how she was going to crochet octopuses for her grandchildren for Christmas and she wanted me to help her pick her colors. It was so inspiring to be around so many people who were excited about yarn; that does not happen every day.

Like I said, the pattern for this blanket was on the yarn label. It was a simple pattern - easy to work on while watching Game of Thrones - and I even learned a new-to-me trick. Because it is a rectangular blanket, you start by making a chain and then crochet your groups of three around the chain. Having the solid chain in the center keeps the design straight. I've often made granny square blankets and the center has gone off and not been straight at all, even after blocking, which really bothers me. Starting with a chain adds some stability, its' a little tip I'll have to remember.
It's been very cold and damp around here lately and having an extra blanket in the living room has been welcome. Pajamas, this blanket wrapped around me, a cup of tea, and my next crochet project in my lap - this is what my evenings are all about. Life is good.

Yarn: Five Balls of Caron Tea Cakes in Oolong
Pattern: from the label


  1. Love the colours Rachel. I've not tried the multicoloured yarns but I like the fact you avoid sewing in all those ends. It all looks very neat, Cathy x

    1. My favorite thing about multicolored yarns is getting all the colors without the ends to sew's the best.