Friday 26 January 2018

Right Now

  • I'm trying to get my head around the fact that January is almost over
  • My feet are cold
  • I am baffled by the fact that someone stole stationary supplies from my desk at work - why?
  • I am psyching myself up to wear a swimsuit on the weekend. It's Bridget's birthday party on Saturday and as per her wish we are going swimming. I want to celebrate her birthday, I do, I'm just not excited to put on a swimsuit in January.
  • The days are getting a little bit longer - have you noticed?
  • I have a craving for brussel sprouts - how weird is that?
  • I need to remember to make a hair appointment....
  • I'm designing my own crochet pattern for a scarf and after only a handful of botched attempts, it is going well and looking just like I had envisioned.
  • I'm wishing for spring, like I do at this time every year
  • I'm enjoying the sun and blue skies outside my window
  • I'm happy to be at home on this beautiful day
  • We just got home from skating and it was awesome
What are you up to right now?

Have a great weekend!

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