Monday 15 January 2018

Three Things

Hello Monday!

Three things that are making me happy today as I start the week:

A day off work. I sometimes have to work weekends at my job, and it is not my favorite. On the plus side, I do get two days off during the week in lieu, which is not all bad. I have several hours to myself today while my family is at school and work - time to get caught up on some house stuff, do some errands, and then hopefully fit in a little crochet.

Loose leaf tea - I have been converted, tea in bags is just dust in comparison. Brewing tea from loose leaves has changed my life. It's delicious.

Recommitting to clean eating. It is a lot of work to plan meals and chop veggies, but I feel so much better physically, and feel more content with how I am providing for my family, that the extra effort is worth it.

What is making you happy as you start another week?


  1. Sounds nice having a few days off, enjoy your time. Pretty crochet - colours and pattern. The unofficial WI (Women's Institute) facebook group page has regular posts on how we can all reduce plastic. It seems there's plastic in teabags which explains why there's mesh pieces in the garden compost bin.
    What's making me happy this week - It's my cat QT's birthday today, 17 years old. I've raced round town today shopping and visited to the library. Hopefully I won't need to shop again this week. Have a good week, Cx

    1. Hope you are having a great week. I've been reading a lot about reducing plastics lately as well - it is an interesting and alarming topic for sure. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by.