Monday 8 January 2018

My Perfect Cup of Tea

One scoop of tea leaves (I am in love with Earl Grey from Davids Tea), hot water, steeped for exactly four minutes, and I always use my favorite mug. I wrap my hands around the mug, sit down at the kitchen table and inhale the sweet smelling steam. Slowly I sip, usually while working on a little crochet, and I relax. I feel the tension leave my body, I breathe is perfect.
It is really the little things, the simple things, that bring happiness to our days, isn't it. I heard an a commentary the other day about how there is so much chatter in the world, and especially on social media, about "living a big story" when maybe, just maybe, we should focus on living our simple everyday lives, recognizing and appreciating the small moments that truly make up the fabric of our days...I could not agree more.
I am not one for lofty resolutions and goals at the beginning of the new year (and I do not need any organizational systems or a gym membership), but I do have this intention: to focus on appreciating the everyday moments a little more, to pause and be grateful for them - a cup of tea, a conversation, a hug, a quiet walk, making dinner....the little moments that make up my days. It's not like I have been ignoring these things, but I just want to acknowledge them a little more - not with a parade, but in my heart and soul. I have so much to be grateful for.
I'm going to go now and make myself another cup of tea (the leaves are good for at least three cups #nowaste) and crochet while I watch the snow fall, thankful that I'm not out on the roads. Have a lovely day, friends.

P.S. Photos of my houseplants are included here in celebration of the fact that they are alive and simple feat in my home, under my care. That being said, fear not, my children are alive and thriving. 

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